C.A.R.E (Cost.Aid.Reduction.Esystem)

Introducing C.A.R.E, an All-in-one healthcare technology system delivering healthcare solutions to simplify healthcare, increase efficiency, ensuring transparency, lowering costs and boosting productivity.

Company HRs face increasing pressure to manage escalating healthcare cost while on the other end, employees are looking for better welfare and benefits. You’ll need to control health costs effectively while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Make employees happy,
make companies happier


Companies and HR face so many problems and issues in this area
  • Tedious administrative work to manage claim reimbursement
  • Difficulty in tracking, review and audit of claims using manual or Excel method
  • Cumbersome to manage appointed clinics and follow different medical schemes
  • Incidences of bill overcharging
  • Lacking in consolidated / accurate data on medical utilization
  • Abuse of benefits by employees
  • Insurance is not cost effective


Benefits and features of C.A.R.E
  • Affordable island-wide healthcare (GPs, Specialist, Dentists & TCM)
  • Overview of your organizational health reports with actionable insights
  • Clinic network mobile app for employees to locate nearby clinics, virtual eCard and submit claims on-the-go
  • Workplace health, on-site vaccinations, executive health screenings
  • Cashless convenience
  • Customization of benefit schemes to each individual
  • Eliminate the hassle of claims administration
  • Reduce administration manpower
  • No more physical Medical Certs/Chits to file
  • Overview of your organizational health profile with reports and actionable insights
  • Implement health programs
  • Cyber secure platform
  • Improve organizational health
  • Contain healthcare costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve employee happiness
  • All-in-1 dashboard: View company’s overall medical utilization records, update employee policy and coverage, customize complex benefit scheme structures
  • Comprehensive utilization reports: Expenditure by diagnosis, claims by age profile, gender, cost, centres, clinics and individuals, corporate reports in easy-to-understand Excel format


Why choose us?

100% better with C.A.R.E

  • 80% less manpower
  • 98% more efficient tracking than manual/Excel method
  • 87% less cost on organizational healthcost
  • 97% more productivity
  • 92% more convenience and employee satisfaction
  • No hidden costs: Subsidized consultation costs & subsidized medicine costs


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