It is getting harder and harder to find employees that suits the company’s needs. This may be for various reasons starting from an employee’s skills to the commitment of the employee to his or her work responsibilities.

This is where Job Assessment comes in. Under the Job Assessment programme, employers get to trial out the potential employee via a cost-free short-term work stint before offering employment. Picture it is as a fully funded probation of up to 3 months. If the employee is meeting your needs and your standards then you can offer an employment with your company after the trial ends. If the employee does not meet your needs and standard then you did not lose out on any financials.

Benefits both employers and employees


See if the potential candidate meets you needs and standards
  • Company can get up to $5,400 salary support for up to 6 months after Job Assessment period
  • Fully funded salary of the employee for the whole Job Assessment period
  • Employees can get up to $1,500 in Retention Incentive
  • Company can put up to 5 vacancies per position
  • Free additional source of recruitment for the company


See if your company meets the eligibility criteria
  • Singapore companies, MNCs or Non-Profit Organizations
  • Provide eligible job seeker with a short-term work stint (16 hours – 480 hours per job seeker, i.e. 3 months)
  • Successfully hire Singapore Citizens (SC) or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) (including persons with disabilities)
  • Eligible for new hires


Benefit from just 2 simple stages

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